Fully Fund Education

The state legislature has entered into a special session after failing to reach agreement on a state budget, which the courts have ruled needs to include funding for basic K-12 education for every child in our state.

Instead of focusing on this important, court-ordered and constitutionally-required duty, they’re wasting time passing bills over again and even coming up with ideas such as making Seattle its own county. That is, those who even bothered to show up for the special session.

Reach out to your local senators and representatives and tell them: it’s time to fund education. We can do this by:

  • Closing tax loopholes and ending corporate welfare
  • B&O tax reforms
  • Supporting a capital gains tax, providing much needed revenue

Sample Script:

Hello, I’m calling to pin down [REPRESENTATIVE]’s position on funding education. As you know, this will require a large amount of new revenue, which we can get by closing tax loopholes, B&O tax reform, and supporting capital gains tax. Nearly 90% of the other states have already accomplished similar steps to fund their schools. As a [parent, teacher, concerned citizen], I expect my representatives, regardless of party affiliation, to put our children above special interests, corporate lobbyists, and other influences, and meet their constitutional obligation to fully fund education in Washington. Thank you.

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More Details

For more details on fully funding education and the campaign behind it, check out Washington’s Paramount Duty, a coalition of parents, students, and teachers dedicated to closing the state’s education funding gap.