Tell Your Elected Leaders: Protect Immigrants

Update: While Governor Inslee signed an executive order prohibiting state law enforcement from taking part in immigration raids and actions, it is still important that we reach out to local elected officials and gain their support in these efforts.

Trump and other elected officials have announced plans to cut federal funding for municipal law enforcement which refuse to do the job of immigration officials, and for cities and counties which have stated they respect the privacy of all residents.

Sanctuary cities are often the safest cities, because all residents feel comfortable speaking to law enforcement. Sanctuary cities are also affordable cities, because tax dollars and resources intended for local law enforcement aren’t wasted doing the job of the federal government.

Additionally, municipalities protect themselves from unnecessary legal fees and court costs incurred by unlawful arrest lawsuits in refusing to honor ICE detainer requests.

Call Washington’s mayors and ask if their city is a sanctuary city, and if they’re willing to expand protections for undocumented immigrants:

FifeMayor Winston Marsh(253) 922-2489
IssaquahMayor Fred Butler(425) 837-3020
KentMayor Suzette Cooke(253) 856-5700
LynnwoodMayor Nicola Smith(425) 670-5000
MarysvilleMayor Jon Nehring(360) 363-8000
PuyallupMayor John Hopkins(253) 313-4971
SunnysideMayor James A. “Jim” Restucci(509) 643-4343

Know Your Rights

Share these graphics to help educate immigrants in our state of the rights they have regardless of citizenship or other status: